How to Heat Press on Nylon – Spectra Color Print Plus Heat Transfer Vinyl

How do you heat press on nylon, polyester, or other materials that burn easily? Heat pressing heat transfer vinyl on synthetic or other delicate materials has been difficult in the past – that is, until we introduced Spectra Color Print Plus heat transfer material. Spectra Color Print Plus is a low-temperature heat-applied vinyl that is ideal for difficult substrates like 100% polyester, nylon, or cotton. The rich colors and opacity of Spectra Color Print Plus make it an easy-to-work-with material that produces great results.

Spectra Color Print Plus works great with print-cut systems like the Roland VersaCAMM VS 300 – available exclusively from Imprintables Warehouse. We use Roland VersaWorks, which is the best way to ensure accurate coloring and durability, to send the design to the printer. It is a seamless operation.

TIP: Print duplicate designs across the entire width of the material if there is room. This will maximize your use of the material and make it easy to create additional duplicate garments – something that often happens when creating sports jerseys or jackets when someone is added to the team.

You can set the Roland VersaCAMM VS 300 to cut immediately after printing. No drying time is needed prior to cutting – another great time-saving step! Also, Spectra Color Print Plus weeds like any other vinyl, no special new skillset required.

Use a transfer mask to remove the cut design from the Mylar backing. Transfer mask is a slightly tacky mask that allows you to remove and transfer the design from the backing to the garment, and it prevents the vinyl from curling under the heat press. It also gives you a little extra room to space the different elements of the design properly.

Because you are using this transfer mask, be sure to print the design in the positive – that is, not a mirror image – since it is applied directly to the garment.

On jackets, it is not uncommon to have collars or buttons that can get in the way of the heat press. We recommend using the Print Perfect Pad, a heat-proof foam pad that raises the pressing surface of the garment above any buttons or collars that get in the way. Be sure to adjust the heat press to compensate for the added thickness from the Print Perfect Pad, which would increase the weight considerably. The beauty of Spectra Color Print Plus is that it needs low temperatures and low pressure to go on delicate fabrics. Set your heatpress (the one used in the video below is a Hotronix Auto Clam) for 330 degrees at 10-15 seconds, and the deal is sealed!

Just wait for the garment to cool, and peel the transfer mask cold, et voila!

See Mike Koval expertly apply and discuss the ins and outs of Spectra Color Print Plus Heat Transfer Vinyl in this amazing how-to video below:

Decorating Nylon can be a challenge. The Spectra Colorprint Plus is one of the few materials available on the market that makes it easy! No need for a white border!

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May 27, 2011

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