Spectra Eco-Film vs. ThermoFlex: Which is more energy efficient?


Spectra Eco-Film and ThermoFlex are both heat transfer vinyl materials available for heat pressing. As with any two products, determining which is better isn’t always black and white. But specific tests of these two products can teach us specific things. Zach Ellsworth of Imprintables has been spending some time with these two products recently and running tests to see how they match up in different areas. The results are only beginning to come in from Zach’s tests, but one distinction, based on his tests, can be safely made: In terms of energy efficiency, Eco-Film is certainly more eco-friendly.

After an initial production run of 24 100% cotton T-shirts, Eco-Film used 43% less electricity than ThermoFlex. Ellsworth was able to produce 37% more shirts over a 20 minute period with Eco-Film versus ThermoFlex. These results are especially good news for high production shops with several heat presses in use on a daily basis.

The amount of electricity used during garment decoration is an important factor when choosing materials. Eco-Film isn’t only eco-friendly, it’s wallet-friendly, too. At a rate of 43% less electricity than ThermoFlex, the savings with Eco-Film don’t take long to add up.

Tests comparing Eco-Film to ThermoFlex are still being conducted, but this news is substantial. As for now, it appears that Eco-Film is the eco-choice between the two.

These results will be published in an article in this year’s Hot Graphics Annual.

Some quotes from industry professionals on www.t-shirtforums.com:

“We have been using nothing but Eco-Film for over a year. We love it.”–Matt

“Eco-Film is the best of what I’ve tried so far.”–Tim

Want to learn more about Spectra Eco-Film? Check out this original how-to video from Imprintables Warehouse.

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May 13, 2011

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